19.Dianne James(non-registered)
Melissa, your photos are amazing, artistic and enchanting. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world! :)
18.Jackie LaChapelle(non-registered)
You have a creative genius for finding shots that most would overlook. Stunning body of work.
17.Louise Oliver(non-registered)
Inspiring! Breathtaking!
16.Meg Lind(non-registered)
I am in awe!
15.Marianne Gendron(non-registered)
Beautiful, wonderful pictures.
Great photos Melissa where are the pictures of chucky. Lol. Amazing :)
13.Lynda Francoeur(non-registered)
I can't get enough of your pictures! I love watching your creativity unfold as you capture what only an artist can. Thanks for including us in your work, we're so proud to know you, and honoured to participate! :)
12.Carrie D(non-registered)
Love them my friend ..
11.Mary Walsh(non-registered)
10.Nancy Palumbo(non-registered)
Lovely photographs.
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